I’m going to tell you about a free plugin called Image Attributes Pro that can be found in the WordPress repository.

This plugin will easily allow you to optimize the images you display on your site for SEO purposes.

If you combine this plugin alongside an image compression plugin such as WP Smush not only will you have optimized images using Image Attributes Pro, but your page will load a little faster as well because the image file size is reduced by WP Smush.

Both good things when it comes to SEO…

WP Smush is easy to use and straightforward. So I’m going to focus on Image Attributes Pro and show you how to use it.

After you install and upload  Image Attributes Pro on your site, you will want to go to the settings screen:


You will want to uncheck the “Set Image Caption for new uploads”. Reason being is that if you don’t, any image you upload the cation will appear underneath which most people don’t want.

Click save changes. Now, when it comes to using the plugin…

Before you upload an image to your site, you will want to change the image file name to something containing your keyword.

For example, say you have a picture of Kim Kardashian on your site, post, or page:


You will want to rename the image with hyphens between words if it’s multiple words.

So an image of Kim Kardashian you will want to rename the image kim-kardashian before uploading it.

If you have multiple images within a post or page, rename them before uploading with some long tail keywords.

So if you were writing about Kim Kardashian’s wedding and have multiple images, you would rename the images kim-kardashian-ring or kim-kardashian-wedding before uploading.

The plugin will automatically remove the hyphens and use the keyword as the title, caption, alt text, and description for that image:


So Image Attributes Pro is basically a 1-click sort of plugin that will save you some time and you will gain some SEO benefits from using it.

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